Holy Child School, in Arnold, Missouri, was born out of one of the earliest school consolidations in the Archdiocese of St. Louis. In 1987, the Immaculate Conception Parish School had outgrown the present facilities and was faced with the need to expand their campus. St. David Parish School, located two miles away, was declining enrollment, but home to larger school facilities. During the consolidation process it was decided that both schools would shed their previous titles and unite under the name “Holy Child School”.  1987 marked the last year that Arnold was home to two Catholic Grade Schools. In 1988, “Holy Child School” opened. The size of the student body required that both sites be used for daily instructional purposes. The kindergarten-fourth grades were located at the Immaculate Conception site. Grades five through eight met at the St. David site. Large numbers of students also required that each site to host auxiliary buildings for classroom space. St. David hosted two additional outbuildings and Immaculate Conception hosted a mobile library to meet the student’s needs. In 1995, the fifth grade was moved back to the Immaculate Conception campus and St. David then became the “Holy Child Middle School Campus.” In 2000, the Parish Center at Immaculate Conception was completed and a new library and music room were made available to the students of Holy Child. A preschool was started in 2004. The preschool moved into the old convent at Immaculate Conception. In 2007, due to declining enrollment, St. John Lateran School in Imperial, MO closed and merged into Holy Child School. We now have three parishes sponsoring Holy Child School: Immaculate Conception, St. David and St. John That same year, the Middle School was moved back to the Immaculate Conception campus where it remains today. In 2010, the preschool program had outgrown its facility at Immaculate Conception. The pastors of Immaculate Conception and St. David decided to move the program over to the idle St. David facility. The Preschool program thrived at St. David for three years but the distance from the main campus created a base of parents disconnected from the K-8 program on the main campus. In order to increase retention rates for our K-8 program, it was decided to move the program back to the Immaculate Conception site in July of 2013. We are once again, all located at the parish facilities of Immaculate Conception, Arnold. As of 2018, St. John Lateran Parish is no longer apart of the consolidation. Our K-8 student body has grown consistently for the past five years with most of our largest classes in grades K-3. Our preschool continues to grow each year. This year, 2018, Holy Child Catholic School added a new innovative lab to enhance current technology along with incorporating STREAM into the curriculum. The school also updated its Science Lab.