The school family of Holy Child, in partnership with our parents, is a visible Catholic faith community exemplifying the teachings of Jesus Christ. We foster spiritual growth and educational excellence, sending forth students to be images of Christ in our world.

Philosophy of Holy Child Catholic School

“The Child grew and became strong; He was full of wisdom and God’s blessings were upon Him.” Luke 2:40 The central theme of the gospel message is that God intensely and unconditionally loves us and that God’s love came to earth in the person of Jesus Christ. He was sent as our Teacher, so that His lessons of love would create a world community strong in one faith and one purpose. It is our focus as a Catholic school to carry that message of Good News to our students. Parents are the primary teachers of their children. We as Catholic educators assume the co-responsibility of guiding the spiritual, moral, intellectual, aesthetic, emotional, and physical growth of each child in a way that will: ● Satisfy the special needs of each individual student so that he/she may reach their fullest potential. ● Develop in each child a sense of worth and individuality, always encouraging him or her to treat others with the same regard. ● Impart an understanding of and an opportunity to actually experience the mission of Catholic education; that of message, service, community, and worship in the immediate and world community. Today, more than ever, Christ’s message must be heard. It is our focus, as Catholic educators, to teach our students these essential values. In doing so, we strengthen our families as well.