Men's Club

President: Dennis Bible, 636-875-4933

The Men’s Club is a fraternal organization to enrich the social and spiritual life of its members and the parish.  Our goal and motto is Make IC Great Again.  We meet on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm.

Our activities include the following fundraisers to benefit the parish: February Dance, May Golf Tournament and the October Bass Tournament along with other fundraisers throughout the year. We also provide two four-year scholarships for students attending a Catholic high school.

It was a very busy 2018 for our Men's Club. Again we had successful and profitable Fishing, Golf & Poker Tournaments, A Night at the Races and a Valentine's dance. 
Because of these successful fund raisers we were able to donate to the following:
-Another $2,400.00 to Beyond Sunday,
-$4,500.00 in scholarships to I.C. students,
-$400.00 for an Eagle Scout project (Landscaping front of rectory)
-$6,761.00 and the labor to renovate the rectory basement.
The basement was leaking water from multiple cracks in the foundation causing water damage and mold. We demoed damaged walls, had all the cracks repaired, rewired part of the basement, installed new LED lighting, purchased and assembled new commercial shelves, installed new gutters and landscaped the side of the rectory so water would run away from the building instead of towards it . The basement is now safe,completely dry and functional for the office personnel.
And speaking of labor, a few of our retired members installed 10 security cameras on the campus. Some of the proceeds from the auction paid for the cameras 
The Men's Club would like to thank everyone who has supported these fund raisers. We could not have done any of the above without their generous support.

The annual IC Men's Club Fishing Tournament was a great success again this year!  Thank you to all of the sponsors for your support!

A big thank you to Tom Daegling for your 17 years of dedication to this great event you started!  It is because you and your hard working team that this fun filled event has been able to raise tens of thousands of dollars for Holy Child scholarships.

Junk Fish Winners!