We are looking for 40 good men to fast for 40 days.  The point to this fast is in response to Mt 17:21, and the teaching of Jesus that in order to be powerful culture-changers, we must fast.  In a special way, men are called to sacrifice for the people they love.  Will you join us for this essential mission at a critical time in history, where so many people are in need of miraculous intervention?  Christ will work wonders through this small army of men.  Will you join us?

Click here to sign up for this fast and we will contact you with more information and the ability to pick the meals and dates you will be fasting.





A group of men that meet in the church every Tuesday night at 8:30 for prayer and reflection.  Please join us as we strengthen ourselves to go out and spread the Gospel and work to bring Men back in relationship with Jesus.

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