Having a Party?

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Showers, Holidays, Reunions

A Parish Center room will meet your needs:

Room A: Up to 180 Guests
Room A1: Up to 40 Guests
Room A2: Up to 40 Guests
Room A3 and Alcove: Up to 40 Guests
Rooms A2, A3 and Alcove: Up to 100 Guests
Gymnasium: Up to 400 Guests

Click on the Documents below for information regarding the renting of our Parish Center

Parish Center Information

Parish Center Hours of Availibility

Parish Center Pricing


For more information regarding scheduling at the Parish Center or to make a reservation please contact us below.
Parish Center Scheduling
(636) 321-0002, Extension 10
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Here is the Guidelines for information about getting married in Immaculate Conception Church.

Wedding Guidelines [updated August 2018] (9).docx