What is Home and School?


The purpose Home and School Association is to assist the Principal and administration of Holy Child Catholic School, in collaboration with the School Board, in order to:


1.      promote open communication among parents, teachers, and administration of the school as well the parishes that comprise Holy Child Catholic School

2.    organize and sponsor programs for ongoing Christian formation of school parents and faculty

a.     promote the mission of Holy Child Catholic School, especially in efforts of recruitment and development

b.    encourage good stewardship of the gifts of our school families, fostering cooperation among school parents to benefit the school

-Holy Child Home and School Constitution and By-Laws


Why attend the Home and School Meetings?


All parents are encouraged to attend this meeting. These meetings are designed to:

  • keep parents informed
  • gain suggestions, thoughts and ideas from the school community
  • foster a sense of community among families and school personnel


Your input is very important to our school.  Please take this opportunity to get involved.  The children of parents who attend will receive a dress down day coupon to be used at their choice before the next Home and School meeting.


What is a Home and School Event?


Home and School organizes several events throughout the school year. These events include:


·      HCS raffle

·      Fun Run

·      Trunk or Treat and Fall Festival

·      St. Nicholas Day visit

·      Adult Night Out/Parent Appreciation Night

·      Bunco

·      Father/Daughter Dance

·      Moms and Sons Event


Volunteers for Home and School events earn service hours for their contributions. All money collected at these events is reported at a quarterly meeting, where the budget is viewed and accepted by the school community. All profits from Home and School events are given to support the school.


What are Other Supported Events?


Home and School also supports many Holy Child Catholic School events, including:


·      Book Fair

·      Auction

·      Parish picnics

·      Cookie Bake


These events usually earn service hours, and are planned and coordinated with Home and School events on the school calendar. These events also contribute all or part of their earnings to improving the school.


Missy Wingbermuehle- President


Ashley Mayer - Vice-President


Jackie Hardin -secretary


Sue Kerr - Treasurer


Bridget Walkenbach - Communications’ Officer