The following will be used as a guideline for admitting children to Holy Child Catholic School:

  • Children must reach the specific age for each grade level by July 31st to enter Holy Child Catholic School. A valid birth certificate (state) must be presented as proof of age.  A screening is required for entrance into the Holy Child Catholic School academic program.
  • Baptismal Certificates (from the parish of baptism) are required to be submitted for all students registering at Holy Child Catholic School.
  • All families applying for registration must contact their pastors at Immaculate Conception or St. David before admission into Holy Child Catholic School.
  • Non-Catholic families must meet with the pastor of Immaculate Conception Church.
  • The following is the order in which children will be considered for admission:

·       Siblings of children currently enrolled at Holy Child Catholic School                      

·       Catholic children of *active parishioners of the *two parishes that constitute Holy Child Catholic  School

·       Catholic children of non-active parishioners of the two parishes that constitute Holy Catholic  Child School

·       Catholic children of non-parishioners

·       Non-Catholic children paying non-parishioner tuition rate

·       Non-Catholic children needing financial assistance

  • All registered families eligible for Archdiocesan tuition assistance grants,      
    must turn in grant applications and meet grant deadlines.

  • The admission policy requires that the previous years’ financial obligations 
    have been met, if the child is transferring in from another Catholic School.  A completed registration packet (including proper payment), must be received by the school by the due date stipulated in the Back to School packet.

All school families are required to sign the Parent Witness Statement, Media Authorization, Technology Usage Policy, and complete the GREEN emergency card (one per family) all located inside the Back to School packet.

Note: Active parishioner: One who attends Sunday Mass as indicated by their weekly Church envelopes.

Note:  Two parishes that constitute Holy Child Catholic School: Immaculate Conception (Arnold) and St. David