Purchasing a grave lot

Lots are available in the Mount Zion section.  The parish office has a chart for exact locations of lots.

Each 4 x 10 foot lot will cost $900.00.   One-half of the purchase price must be paid at the time of purchase.

Parishioners of Immaculate Conception Catholic Church may purchase one or more lots.


We strongly recommend double-depth burial in each lot.  DeClue’s Grave Service, 636-937-2194, opens the graves in our cemetery. The fee for this service is $575, to be paid at the time of burial. Ordinarily the funeral director makes this arrangement.  Immaculate Conception Catholic Church assumes no responsibility for additional expense due to subsurface rock formations or other soil conditions.

To preserve our cemetery for future generations, concrete outer containers are recommended, but not required.


The Catholic Church prefers that bodies of the deceased be present at the funeral liturgy and then buried.  If cremation has been chosen, the cremated remains must be buried.

If another family member has been buried in our cemetery, the cremated remains may be buried in the same grave.  A limited number of spaces are reserved for cremated remains in our cemetery. Each space will be approximately 18” square and will cost $100.00.

DeClue’s Grave Service should be contacted for the opening of the grave. The fee for their service is $250.

Monuments and memorials.

Monuments (upright memorials of two or more pieces of stone, set on a foundation) are not recommended for graves without concrete vaults. Raised markers or lawn-level markers (one piece of stone only) are permitted on graves without vaults. Only lawn-level markers may be placed above cremated remains, and must not exceed the size of the burial space (18” x 18”).

The lot owner may place monuments or markers when the lot is paid for in full.  As this is a Catholic Christian cemetery, all memorials must incorporate a Christian symbol in their design.  

Rules for Flowers and Grave Decorations

The following rules are designed to maintain the appearance of the Cemetery and to make your visits more pleasant.

Immaculate Conception Parish plants and cares for the trees and shrubs in the cemetery.  Planting by individuals is not permitted on lots.

Natural cut flowers are recommended.

Glass or ceramic flower vases are not permitted in the cemetery. No other glass containers or objects (for example, candle holders) are permitted in the cemetery.

The Parish Cemetery Maintenance Committee will remove flowers and all other grave decorations periodically.  To maintain the beauty of the cemetery, all decorations will be removed:

      • During the third week of March, in preparation for Easter;
      • During the third week of October, in preparation for All Souls’ Day. 

Funeral flowers will be allowed to remain on a new grave for one weekend after the interment.

pdf IC Cemetery Regulations 2017 (154 KB)  Please see this document for the cemetary regulations.