Archdiocese of St. Louis Safe Environment Program

The purpose of the Safe Environment Program is to create a safe environment for our children.  All volunteers are required to comply with the Procedures developed to implement the policy.

April 21, 2017


Recently the church was re-inspected by the structural engineering firm, SSC Engineering Inc., to make sure that the building was safe for occupancy.  The church is inspected every two years and the report has been posted to the parish website.  The report included several action items which need to be addressed; these will be, or have been taken care of and will assure that “the church is still safe for occupancy for the foreseeable future”.


pdf 2017 Structural inspection (1.50 MB)

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix released for the first time ever in its history a documentary-style short film that seeks to create awareness of a crisis in masculinity found in today’s society. The short film, titled “A Call to Battle,” is available for viewing in English with Spanish subtitles at Released only a few months after the promulgation of Bishop Olmsted’s apostolic exhortation “Into the Breach,” the new short film shows the urgency of the Diocese of Phoenix to confront head on today’s crisis in masculinity. With regards to this crisis highlighted by the film, Michael Phelan, director of the Marriage and Respect Life Office said, “Historical circumstances have periodically devastated families, but we have never seen the disparagement of masculinity and fatherhood, or abandonment of men’s responsibilities that we are seeing now. It calls for an unprecedented response from the Church.” Earlier this month Bishop Olmsted said in a statement, “I encourage our men to discover or rediscover their identity as men in Christ.” The Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix was established Dec. 2, 1969, by Pope Paul VI. Led by the Most Rev. Thomas J. Olmsted, more than 1.1 million Catholics make this diverse, vibrant and faith-filled diocese their home.

Children should be baptized in the faith, Pope Francis says

Pope Francis kisses a baby girl during his trip to Fatima May 12-13, 2017 Credit: LUSA Press Agency/CNA.
Pope Francis kisses a baby girl during his trip to Fatima May 12-13, 2017 Credit: LUSA Press Agency/CNA.

.- Pope Francis spoke about the sacrament of Baptism on Wednesday, emphasizing the importance of the Catholic practice of baptizing infants, since the grace of the Holy Spirit helps them to grow in virtue.

“Why baptize a child who does not understand?” the pope asked April 11. “When we baptize a child, the Holy Spirit enters that child, and the Holy Spirit makes... the Christian virtues grow inthat child, who will then flourish.”

Though we hope that when a child grows up he or she will understand and desire Baptism for themselves, to withhold the sacrament from a child “means not trusting in the Holy Spirit,” he said.


“We must always give this opportunity to everyone, to all children, to have inside of them the Holy Spirit that will guide them throughout their lives. Do not forget to baptize children!”

Pope Francis spoke about infant Baptism during his weekly general audience in St. Peter’s Square. He also emphasized that the graces of the sacrament are not something one earns through understanding, intelligence, or worthiness, but as pure gift.

“Nobody deserves Baptism,” he said, “[it] is always a free gift for everyone, adults and newborns. But as happens for a seed full of life, this gift takes root and bears fruit in earth fed by faith.”

Baptism also, by virtue of the Holy Spirit, “immerses us in the death and resurrection of the Lord,” the pope said. In the sacrament the “old man,” dominated by sin, gives way to the “new man,” who has been recreated in Christ Jesus.

“But for us Christians it must not escape that if the body is immersed in water, it is the soul that is immersed in Christ to receive forgiveness from sin and shine with divine light,” he stated.

He quoted St. Paul’s reminder to the Christians of Rome: “Or are you unaware that we who were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death? We were indeed buried with him through baptism into death, so that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might live in newness of life.”


Furthermore, Pope Francis spoke about how Baptism, through immersion in Christ, also makes us members of Christ’s body and his mission in the world, which is the Church.

“We baptized are not isolated,” he said, “the same life, that of the Holy Spirit, flows from Christ to the baptized, uniting them into one Body, crested by holy unction and nourished at the Eucharistic table.”

As he has done on several previous occasions, Francis asked the people gathered in the square if they remember the date of their Baptism, “because perhaps many do not remember this.”

“But if we celebrate the day of birth, how can we not celebrate – at least remember – the day of rebirth?” he asked, assigning a little bit of “homework:” to ask parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles what their baptismal date is.

“And never forget it,” he said to Christians. “And that day thank the Lord because it is precisely the day when Jesus entered into [you], the Holy Spirit has entered into [you].”

The Most Blessed Sacrament is not a relic or a memory,

it is Jesus Himself.  He is all-powerful, all-loving, all-perfect

and anxiously waiting for us to visit.


All the treasures and wonders of this world are nothing

compared to Who we find in Adoration.  Will you reserve an hour

on the first Friday every month  to be with Jesus between 8:30 am and 6 pm?

Contact Regina at 314-608-3347 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule


1. Slowly read Sacred Scripture until something hits you. Then LISTEN. (Lectio Divina)

2. Pray the Holy Rosary.

3. Let God look at you and love you—unconditionally.

4. Tell Him something that made you happy. Then LISTEN.

5. Tell Him what you are afraid of. Then LISTEN.

6. Tell Him what angers you. Then LISTEN.

7. Speak about your loved ones.

8. Pray for an enemy.

9. Talk with Him about work.

10. Sing a song for Him in your heart.

11. Promise to trust Him.

12. Imagine Our Blessed Mother or one of the saints sitting next to you and praying with you.

13. Renew your loyalty to His Church.

14. Lean on Him. Tell Him you love Him.

15. Thank Him for the Sacraments.

\16. Tell Him your failures. Ask for help. Then LISTEN.

17. Slowly recite the Beatitudes.

18. Pray one Our Father slowly.

19. Pray one Hail Mary slowly.

20. Pray the Creed slowly.

21. Pray for the Sanctification of Priests and Holy Vocations.

22. Ask Him to show you the next step.

23. Look at yourself. Count your gifts. Then thank Him.

24. Ask Him to show you if you have hidden any talents, and to help you use them in a way that pleases Him.

25. Pray for the world.

26. Enjoy just being in His presence and in His peace

Parish Subscription Campaign

begins January 14, 2018 Subscription Cards will be in the pews at all masses

‘Greater possibilites for communication turn into greater possibilites for encounter and solidarity for everyone.’

~ Joy of the Gospel, Pope Francis


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I grew up in a historical town in which we did everything possible to preserve buildings. Consequently, my hope was that we could preserve our present church building and also add nice bathrooms and gathering space to the building. The Archdiocese connected me with a female architect who loves old masonry buildings and has spent much of her adult life saving older buildings.

Online Giving is a great way to help your
administrative staff while supporting our church.
Signing up is easy - you can use a computer, tablet,
or Smartphone.

Do you have information about your group or ministry to display on our new sign? Call, text or email information to: Wendy or Preston Haglin 314-910-3410 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

About 4 days lead time is necessary.

The following is our recently completed Feasibility Study.  This report demonstrates that our parishioners are very excited and supportive about the New Church.  The big obstacle will be paying for it.  

With the help from the Holy Spirit and through the guidance of our building committee we will get the job done.  

God Bless you. 

      -Fr. Larry Huber

document Completed Feasibility Study (645 KB)