Welcome to Immaculate Conception Catholic Church!

After your on-line visit today, we hope you will come and visit our Church in person soon. We are located in Arnold, Missouri, near Interstate 55 and Highway 141.
Directions to Immaculate Conception

You may join us for Sunday or weekday Mass, or spend some time in quiet prayer. It is God’s house and all His children are welcome.  When the weather is fine, you are also welcome to pray in our peaceful cemetery Chapel or in our Rosary Garden.

We also welcome you to Holy Child Catholic School, where every child is a gift.  Please contact Holy Child School to tour our Pre-School, our Kindergarten, our Elementary School or our Middle School.

We like to think of ourselves as God’s People sharing God’s Word. We hope to meet you and share the Good News of Jesus with you.

Peace be with you,

Fr Larry Huber                   

Go Fund Me for Drake Cheaney

Hello everyone!

Drake is a 7th grade student who is extremely sick with an immune deficiency.  This illness gives him the feeling of nausea and dizziness 24/7 so he is either sedated or nauseated all the time. He's been undergoing IV fluids and been tired and weak for weeks now.  There is an IVIG treatment available for him that will finally help him get better, however the family's insurance has denied coverage for the treatments. He will need 24 treatments in all, totaling well over tens of thousands of dollars. 

He comes from a good, Catholic family and we as a community cannot let this happen. Please join us in helping Drake and his family to finally be able to start the treaments he desperately needs to get better. 

All of the money collected will go toward getting him the treatments he needs.


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Upcoming Events

Here are all the parish's upcoming events:

Men's Club Golf Tournament

May 7th, 2016

  document Men's Club Golf Tournament (3 MB)

IC Men's Club Buddy Bass Tournament

September 24, 2016


For more information on these events please go to Special Events for details: 


Safe Environment Program



My name is Sarah Wise and I am the Child Safety Coordinator and Director of Youth Ministry at Immaculate Conception. Thank You for your interest in working with the youth of Immaculate Conception. I would like to help you get started.

First I will start by explaining what the Safe Environment Program is:

The Archdiocesan Safe Environment Office and the Office of Child and Youth Protection are committed full-time to the prevention of sexual abuse of minors in the Church, to the promotion of safety for children, young people, the vulnerable, and to the ongoing care of those who have suffered sexual abuse. The program equips those who serve the Church to recognize questionable behavior, to implement best practices for the safety of our children, and to take the necessary steps to address even the suspicion that a cleric or other Church worker has done something inappropriate or wrong.

In addition, all clergy, employees and volunteers whose service in the Church brings them into contact with children must have a regular background check conducted through the Missouri Family Care Safety Registry and the Federal Bureau of Investigation for those who have lived outside the state of Missouri. Also, the Archdiocese has the Code of Ethical Conduct to guide workers and volunteers in the protection of children and young people.

Second, requirements of the Safe Environment Program:

All Employees and Volunteers who will have contact with minors must*:

1.     Attend a Virtus Protecting God’s Children Workshop.

The Archdiocese of St. Louis provides the sexual-abuse prevention program "Protecting God's Children" to parishes, schools, and archdiocesan agencies at no cost. All archdiocesan employees and volunteers who work with children are mandated to attend a presentation of the program. Developed by National Catholic Services, “Protecting God’s Children” is a comprehensive two-and-one-half-hour program that includes two video presentations which incorporate stories from victims of sexual abuse and their families, who speak about the impact that the abuse has had on them. In addition, the videos feature testimony from perpetrators of child abuse, who tell how they selected their victims and how they made the victims feel that the abuse was their own fault. The program also provides information on how to prevent situations that can lead to abuse, on what behaviors should raise concern about abuse, and on how to report abuse.

Link to View Protecting God’s Children Workshop Schedule:



2.     Fill out a Worker Registration Form.

This form allows the parish office the ability to update your background check every even-numbered year. The Worker Registration Form can be found in this packet. Please fill it out and return it to the parish rectory. (It is very important that you provide an email on this form.)  


pdf Worker Registration PDF (136 KB)


3.     Complete a criminal records check from the Family Care Safety Registry.

This should be started right away. It can take up to two weeks to receive your background check. There is a one-time $13.25 fee.  Below are the registration instructions and the link to register.







4.     Commit to the Code of Ethical Conduct for Clergy, Employees and Volunteers Working With Minors in the Archdiocese.

The Code of Ethical Conduct can be found in this packet. Please read the booklet and sign page 11.

pdf Code of ethical conduct (422 KB)  


5.     Employees or volunteers who have resided outside of the state of Missouri any time over the last five years will have to undergo a one-time national background check . Illinois Residents will have Illinois and Missouri background checks conducted every even-numbered year. Please contact me if you will need this done. Paperwork can be turned into me by scanning and sending it through email or by dropping it off at the parish rectory office.


     I hope this information helps you better understand the program and what is required of you. I am available to answer any questions you may have, so please feel free to contact me via email or phone. I thank you for your cooperation and look forward to working with you.

God’s Peace and Blessings,

Sarah Wise

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

636-321-0002 ext. 1, 30

To Report Abuse please visit:




Church Engineering Reports

I grew up in a historical town in which we did everything possible to preserve buildings. Consequently, my hope was that we could preserve our present church building and also add nice bathrooms and gathering space to the building. The Archdiocese connected me with an female architect who loves old masonry buildings and has spent much of her adult life saving older buildings. In order to get a clearer idea on how to preserve our church building, she encourage our Building and Maintenance committee to hire an engineering firm to take a look at our church building. Unfortunately, the engineer’s report uncovered some very serious concerns with the structure of the church building. You can read this entire report by Clinking below. As you may remember, our parish hired an another engineer firm (Horner & Shifrin) in 2012 to look at the structural integrity of our church building. Their report also highlighted some serious concerns for our church building. Like the recent engineer report, you can also read it below.  Because of these two engineer reports, it has become obvious to me and all members of the building committee and the Archdiocese that our parish needs a new church building in order
to carry out the mission God has set before us.

Please take the time to read closely both reports below. I was personally devastated when I read the second report, but then I reminded myself, “not my will but Your Will be done.” This present church building has served our parish extremely well for over 120 years. This building has witness thousands of Baptisms, Confirmations, Marriages, Confessions, and people coming up to receive Jesus in the Holy Sacrament of the Mass. It will be very emotional to leave that building. Please turn to God in gratitude in your prayers for giving us such a wonderful church building and pray to God for guidance as we plan for a new Spiritual home for Immaculate Conception.

Fr. Huber

Click below to read or download the reports:

pdf SSC Engineering Document (2.17 MB)
pdf Horner & Shifrin (10.99 MB)



Online Giving

Online Giving is a great way to help your
administrative staff while supporting our church.
Signing up is easy - you can use a computer, tablet,
or Smartphone.


Electronic Sign Submission

Do you have information about your group or ministry to display on our new sign? Call, text or email information to: Wendy or Preston Haglin 314-910-3410 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

About 4 days lead time is necessary.


or by appointment


First Friday of each month
from 8:30am until 5:45pm, concluding with Benediction